Thursday, December 29, 2011

Canada Post's Ship-in-a-click Is Easy

This blog post is about what I learned about using Canada Post's online payment method for shipping, and I share this with all other hosiery e-commerce sites, but it is useful for other e-commerce sites as well. Read the rest of the blog post to learn more.

I struggled to understand how to pay online for Canada Post's shipping. It turns out that the whole process is very easy. They created a nice video to demonstrate Ship-in-a-click, which should be very similar to the other ways of paying online for Canada Post's services.

Once you have paid, you use ordinary paper or a self adhesive letter size label to print out the PDF that they send to you. You cut the paper or label in half, and the tape or stick it on the parcel. They even have a sample PDF.

This is great, because it means no more line ups at the post office. If you will be in a rush tomorrow, then you can pay now, and get things ready for tomorrow. Also, if your printer breaks down, you still have the option of paying the regular amount and the regular way.

The end. Thank you for reading!

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