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Go East Art: Get To Know Smadar

Yay! We can begin the first part of the interview!

Many of you, who have Twitter accounts, probably have heard of Go East Art. Smadar [a.k.a. Sam] is the owner of the business and the designer of the hosiery, and she has graciously shared with us her enthusiasm, inspiration, and tastes to get the first part of the interview started. We also discussed Halloween costumes. I will try to save the best material for later, so that means her answers might seem to be out of order.

Before I read her responses, I intended to edit her spelling and grammar, but after reading, I decided against that, because I found that I could really feel her emotion, while I read her text. Also, seeing her casual writing style helps us to imagine how she presents herself, when she is casual. Normally, I would edit, but I believe that you might agree with me for this interview.

Here is some social media contact information.

Web SiteGo East Art
Facebook PageGo East Where Art Meets Fashion
Twitter Feed@goeastart

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Do you enjoy wearing hosiery? I assume that you do, judging by your e-commerce store, and judging by the fact that you started decorating for your own use, but I want to be sure. I like things being spelled out. :^)

WOW... I    L O V E wearing hosiery I    L O V E  seeing hosiery on women (and you) I    L O V E  writing about hosiery as we speak! I just think that hosiery is a part of a complete outfit, when i go out it just feels incomplete without my tights. Hosiery can be "invisible" but then again adds class to your total look. Tights make your legs feel tight, fit and slim, they are like magic!

If you could only choose 1 brand and style, to wear for the rest of your life, then what would you choose? Imagine that everything is the same price, and that there is a wide variety of colours in all styles.

Well, this is truly a tough one... I am in love with a few brands but I will gladly wear the "Hue" brand, their control top opaque tights are of great quality, made in the USA as well.

What opaque pair would you choose? Same scenario as above.

"Hue" brand.

Yes, good choices for both. I find that their fabric is very well knit, so that it is hard to see any lines. A good thing about HUE is that it is very accessible to most people, in price and location.

What sheer pair would you choose? Same scenario as above.

Love the Wolford "naked" hosiery, great quality both stretchy and soft to the touch.

What is your favourite hosiery colour?


Do you prefer sheers or opaques?

This really depends on the mood, weather and clothes I wear.

Do you prefer matte or shimmery?

I prefer the matte.

Do you continue to wear hosiery that has a small snag, ladder or run, or do you stop wearing it at the slightest imperfection?

Well, that is a big problem for me, when I see a tiny imperfection I probably won't wear it again, I need my outfit to be flawless!!! Yes, I'm crazy like that:) need to mention, It doesn't happen much; If I'm away from home I will not take them off, I will try my best to conceal/change position of the tights on the leg where nobody can see or glue it with clear nail polish...unless it's really hopeless, then, I'm just sad:(

I find it very difficult to let go of a pair of hosiery, because I develop a personal attachment to it. As long as people cannot easily see the damage, then I continue to wear it. I would feel like I am betraying and abandoning the hosiery, if I threw it away. :^D For most damaged pairs, I stuff them into a pillow.

Is it ever too cold for you to wear hosiery and a skirt?

No, It's never too cold for me, I guess it's because I never really lived in a very cold place so - lucky me.

Is it ever too hot for you to wear hosiery and a skirt?

Oh yes, in Florida, there are a few months a year I would just erase from my calendar:) I won't wear them in the AM but when the sun goes down - they R back.

For your own personal fashion, who and/or what do you draw inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from almost anything I look at, If I see a flower or a sign on the street it will somehow become a new design for my new collection or at least a sketch and the beauty of it it's that it comes very naturally to me, It's my love.

I always make my designs more on the classy and feminine side because I just love feeling that way.

I make my designs long and narrow for the leg to appear thinner, longer.

Halloween is coming. Are you going to wear a costume? If so, then as what?

I wish, mayby when they grow up a little I could actually go out at night without having to worry so much, for now I pretty much don't loose site of my kids (yes, I know I'll have to let go sometime:) My kids will for sure, probably the usual princesses and something from Disney...

Do you get dressed up each year?

used too:) love the sexy cave woman costume, I have to do it again!

As for me, I will probably try to make an elf costume.

C U T E ! send me a photo.

I think that you chose a great business, because the canvas gets destroyed through wear and tear, and people come back for more.

Thanks for the answers, Smadar!

Next Wednesday, the second part of the interview will touch on the business part of her life.

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