Saturday, October 20, 2012

Trying Out Waistband-Free Sheers

I must say that it is nice to be wearing sheers again. I will not wear this too much, as I appreciate the feel of thicker hosiery, but it is delightful to go back to sheers every now and then. In a way, I feel that wearing sheers is where our roots are, and wearing opaques is almost too normal for trend setting.


A pair of sheers from my stock is damaged so badly, that I need to get compensation from the manufacturer. I decided to wear this damaged pair as a sample.

I like the feel of having a low rise pair of hosiery. I do not think that this was intended to be low rise, but because it does not have to be pulled all the way up, it can be worn as a low rise pair.

The hosiery has a dry hard feel to it, in that it does not feel like skin or satin. It does feel very smooth.

I have a 30″ inseam, and am wearing size B. There is a lot leg length, and it could stretch more without problems, but I would rather have a size C or maybe D, because I prefer to keep the fabric as unstretched as possible. Unstretched fabric is unstressed fabric, and it will last longer, and feel softer.

Thank you for reading!

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