Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thanksgiving And Hosiery And Shorts Went Well

I had mixed feelings about which pair of hosiery to wear. I wanted to wear sheers or partially opaque hosiery, but I am not used to wearing them without slippers or shoes. At home, I always wear closed toe slippers, so it seemed kind of weird to wear sheers with my pantyhosed feet exposed. 1 thing that I do not like about wearing hosiery on carpet is that the carpet can ruin the hosiery.

I decided to go with my regular footless opaques and a pair of socks, for this family gathering. I will try to wear sheers at Christmas.

I am pleased to say that it worked out very well. Nobody said anything bad. People talked about hosiery that they wore. I never got the impression that they brought up the topic because of me, so I do not know what to make of it. It is interesting to know that my relatives do wear hosiery, but they do not wear it often. It is too bad. I wish that more of them would.

What did you wear to Thanksgiving? Thank you for reading!

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