Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012: Hosiery Worn By Extended Family And Guest

I honestly did not expect much to happen at this year's gathering. I thought that hosiery was becoming more popular for wearing in public, and for small groups of women, but I thought that most would lose interest.

It turned out that 3 relatives and 1 guest wore hosiery.

The guest wore patterned hosiery. From a distance, I thought that she wore mostly-opaques that had patterns, but when I got closer, it appeared to be a patterned mesh, like fishnets. From a distance, it looked good. I did not want to stare, so I did not get a close enough look to guess at how comfortable they were. They looked like they were midrange to high quality, and seemed to match her dark skirt suit.

My niece wore black opaques, which appeared to be cotton. They did not look super awesome, but they seemed to match her party dress. She is just a kid, though, so any hosiery is a good influence for her.

My cousin wore a green dress, which appeared to be a mostly opaque chifon material. She wore black sheers. When I got close, I noticed how finely knit the hosiery fabric was, so I assumed that she was wearing HUE, or some other higher end brand. This was totally surprising, because she doesn't usually wear dresses or hosiery. She is not a tomboy, but she comes across as more casual in her daily wear, so I was glad to see that she embraced something better. Maybe she will be a great influence on others.

My aunt wore nude sheers. She typically wears some kind of nude hosiery, so I was not too surprised.

I was happy to see 3 generations of women wearing hosiery. Each of them wore dresses or skirts.

Another cousin wore leggings as pants.

Come back tomorrow to find out what I wore [or did not wear, actually...].

Thank you for reading!

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