Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012: What I Wore

I was so determined to wear shorts and hosiery, this time. I even tried to plan it out well in advance. If you will pardon the cheesy expression: I got cold feet.

I began to wonder how it would look. I was concerned that I would appear too naked and feminine to everybody. Also, we were running late, but that is not really an excuse.

I originally intended to wear a pair of mostly opaques, but somehow, it felt all wrong.

I thought about it on the way to the gathering. I think that it is because I do not usually walk around anywhere with pantyhose feet exposed. Usually, wearing shoes completes the look, and this makes it feel more masculine to me. This is especially more true, now that I am wearing boots casually.

Also, when wearing in public, I do not really interact so closely with strangers. Therefore every short relationship is a disposable relationship, which means that I do not have to worry about what they think. With the relatives, I do not want them to think about why I would be wearing them, unless they intend to be open minded. Even though they have seen my book, and even though they have seen me in hosiery, and even though they are not negative, it is still hard to know exactly they feel.

I think that this opaque textured grey hosiery with black shorts combination is a fantastic solution.

The opaqueness seems more masculine, and opaqueness seems more appropriate in winter. Even though that night's weather was not too cold for me, it was cold for a lot of people, so they probably tended to feel that sheers for guys would be too cold.

Also, the textured fabric gives a more complete look, in my opinion. It seems masculine, too.

My only complaint for that outfit is the sweater, which I like so much. I am concerned that it might be hard to clean. It is machine washable, but I feel that a machine could wear it out and stretch it out. I could hand wash it, but I find that hand washing takes so long, and that it is hard to know clean it really is.

I think that this machine washable sweater might work better.

It does not stretch as is durable. It is already textured in a way that hides any pills, so machine washing will not harm it. It is just a question of whether or not the style works with the black shorts and the grey textured opaques.

You now know what I did and what I think. Tell me what you wore to your Christmas gatherings. What do you think about my planned style for next year? What do you think about guys wearing sheers or mostly-opaques without shoes? Is it an incomplete look? Please leave your advice in the comments below!

Thank you for reading!

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