Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Andreas Lucius Loh: Getting To Know Him

He has been blogging only since September 4, 2012, this male hosiery blogger already has more than 12 followers and subscribers. He has a strong interest in the fashion aspect of men and hosiery, which makes him more unique than other male hosiery bloggers.

Here is some of his contact information.

The rest of my post tells you all.

If you could only choose 1 brand and style, to wear for the rest of your life, then what would you choose? Imagine that everything is the same price, and that there is a wide variety of colours in all styles.

Man.. what a tough question! Well I have been enjoying Activskin so far.. the only thing I feel lacking are styles.. I'd like to wear tattoo pattern tights. I won't stick to a single brand actually, I like try different brands because some brands lack certain qualities that other brands have.

What opaque pair would you choose? Same scenario as above.

I like patterned ones. I can't choose despite same pricing.

What sheer pair would you choose? Same scenario as above.

Hmm I don't like plain sheers at all... I can't choose 1 brand and style for life.. not even an if.. sorry about that.

What is your favourite hosiery colour?

Black is my favourite colour!

Do you prefer sheers or opaques?

I prefer opaques because firstly they last longer, secondly I believe they look good on men legs, thirdly they hide imperfections better.

Do you prefer matte or shimmery?

Matte, I'm not a very "bling" person..

Do you continue to wear hosiery that has a small snag, ladder or run, or do you stop wearing it at the slightest imperfection?

I would unless the damage portion is seen, but that would probably the last time I would be wearing them but it really depends how bad the damage is..

Thanks for the answers, Andreas!

The second part of the interview will come soon. For those of you just joining us, here are the other parts of the interview.

Thank you for reading!

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