Saturday, February 9, 2013

Have A New Customer

Before I showed up on set on Thursday, I visited a particular club, which had an interest in buying hosiery. The owner is happy to buy my products. I will give the club a discount, so that it can still sell them at the full retail price and make a profit.

I found the club, a while ago, when I did a web search for hosiery and Vancouver. It turns out a fetish club mentioned a special men in pantyhose event.

It turns out that they all ready have a good supply of cheap pantyhose, and it has not been selling well, so the owner is hesitant to buy more. The owner wants to buy lace stockings, so I will supply that.

The good thing about this customer is that the business relationship is very informal. I can deliver stuff at a time that is convenient for me. This allows me to schedule more than 1 errand in the same transit trip. It also allows me to use that hosiery to meet the minimum order requirements of the manufacturer.

By the way, the customer is also looking for false eye lashes. If you or anybody that you care about would like to sell them, then let me know.

Thank you for reading!

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