Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Andreas Lucius Loh: Thoughts About Men In Hosiery

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What was it like for you, when you first discovered men wearing hosiery in public with shorts? How did you feel about it?

I first knew about it from Chan Krämer's mantyhose site and that point of time it got me quite interested but it was conceived to be too radical for me then..

Do you have a girlfriend or wife? If so, does she know that you wear hosiery?

I'm single! I make it a point to wear legwear openly so as not to shock my future spouse as a secret. Hahaha!

Do your family members know?

Yep they do. I do it openly and it has since been pretty non-event to them. They recognise the fact that I'm the artistic out of the box kind of individual.

Many women are in relationships with men who wear hosiery. The women don't want to break up the relationships, but they don't want their men to wear hosiery. What advice do you offer to those women? What advice do you offer to those men?

Then the question I want to ask those women is this.. Do you really love your boyfriend? If you truly love him then it shouldn't be that hard for you to accept the fact that he wears hose. Love doesn't care what or how our partners wear doesn't it? We love person for who he/she is, isn't it?

For the guys I would say, don't be guilty about it. You could try piecing up an outfit and wear it out on a date with her! Don't tell her what you are wearing until she asks what you're wearing! I recommend for starters to wear mens hosiery, ADRIAN has nice ones, you could try the argyle patterned ones, and is easy to match with similar patterned top and a simple dark coloured capri length shorts. High cut shoes go well too.

Are there certain styles of hosiery that are too feminine for men? Be honest. :^)

To be honest I feel that plain sheers are feminine, unless you wish to go stealth in nude skin tones. And for me the floral patterns, backseamed & fishnet ones. I am not saying no but if you feel you can pull it off good.. by all means.

Are there certain colours of hosiery that are too feminine for men? Be honest. :^)

Hmm pink for me I guess? The whole idea is how do you think your outfit looks with that colour? I can't determine it for you, if you wear pink clothes often by all means try pink ones! Hahaha!

Excellent. Thanks, Andreas.

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  1. This is a great series. You are both terrific contributors to our cause! Thank you, Nicholas a.k.a. Chip, Northeastern Pennsylvania

    1. Thanks, Chip!

      Do you have any questions for him?

  2. Men can wear plain stockings, very light colour in summer, darker or opaques in winter. Lacy patterns, bright colours are a no no for me, and probably for most men.
    Hardly anyone looks or comments here in North London. the few comments I get are either from inquisitive kiddies or Afro-Carribean women, and that is usually about my straight black skirt, more than the stockings.
    I have broached the subject with a couple of my long-standing lady friends who are quite amused, but if stocking improvr circulation in my weary legs so be it. Sockings under trousers are bit odd, and really only practical under shorts, cyclists, or breeks for walking.

    1. Do you draw any lines between male and female clothing?

    2. I have worn some womens garments, including blouses and knickers, but not very often. My stockings are the classic type worn with a suspender belt, not hold-ups and definitely not tights - pantyhose. Skirts are very comfortable in warm weather, and I usually wear these out with either braces or shoulder straps.
      I wear what is handy an feel comfortable in.