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Andreas Lucius Loh: Thoughts About Fashion

This week's portion of the interview is much longer than the other portions. I felt that he knew more about fashion than most, or at least had more opinions on it, so I felt free to ask him more. If you have opinions, then please feel free to comment below. For those of you just joining us, read the other interview questions by clicking on a link below.

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How do you see the state of men's fashion in general?

It's moving slowly, the styles are very similar 10 years ago and now, although now we are starting to see "meggings" and skinny jeans. In Singapore, I'm seeing more men looking more metrosexual in their style. At first it was kinda effeminate but now it's becoming another style of its own. Men are starting to look more flamboyant. Hahaha!

Are there differences in men's and women's fashion?

Of course there are! I'm starting to see a trend where women are starting to wear cuts and style which men used to wear in the past. And menswear has always been quite stagnant and I didn't like the fact that people are calling men's pantyhose as mantyhose and mens leggings are meggings. I mean COME ON!! It will only ridicule it and make it less popular because of it's masculinisation(if that word even existed) of that so-called supposed female clothing article. I speak this for the western hemisphere. But it is a total different story in Japan. There is a liberality of both genders in terms of fashion there.

When you get dressed, how do you know if you got a good look for the day?

As a photographer, I'm a very visual person hence I will always imagine or visualise how I would look in a certain outfit and I plan it in detail with what accessories I will have on eg. shades, black lenseless spectacles, flat hat, bag & .etc

What inspires your taste in fashion?

Fashion designers actually inspire me a lot, especially the ones from Europe. In fact actually what got me started was actually seeing how Givenchy did their Winter/Autumn collections. I get inspirations from this tumblr page as well, [which] posts fashion runway photos of men wearing legwear with shorts.

When you look at that Tumblr page, do you find that each of those outfits are like goals, in that you have to match them, with an outfit, and then beat them, coming up with a better outfit? I get the impression that you see those photos are like high scores for video games, which brings out the competitive side. On the other hand, maybe they are just suggestions to you?

Wahaha! Nah.. they provide to me inspirations. It also helps me to see how fashion designers think as well. I recall a few months back a fashion school based in India actually complimented my blog and asked me to consider entering their school. Probably it's a revelation to me that I should maybe study fashion! Hahaha!

I am very surprised at how many runway photos there are, so I went and subscribed that Tumbler page's news feed. I get the impression that there seems to be a constant stream of men in hosiery on the runway, as opposed to just a short trend. Do you know if that is true?

Well what I noticed is that, seeing the collections featuring male models strutting their legs in hosiery are catered for colder seasons it seems. I'm sure you saw many of the models wearing sweaters or jackets when they had legwear on. It seems more like a seasonal thing, just like we see more women spotting hosiery in a colder weather. With the exception of sheers for women during warmer climates. But for me.. Meh. I wear opaques all the time!

What are some of the hottest outfits that we could wear with hosiery?

I can't really tell you but I can show you! [see Lookbook photo at right] I mean wow! This guy are wearing fishnets!! The main focus isn't even at the fishnets at all but it is his really cool Tiger top. Hosiery in his context and also in my context is just part of the outfit. I actually place more emphasis on what I'm wearing for top and bottoms first than my hose. I would always try to match the colour of my hose to the colour of my top and if not, to my bottoms and sometimes even my shoes.

Great! Unfortunately, most people might not feel comfortable wearing that. Is there a really cool mainstream look that you would recommend for the average person?

Hahaha! I can't... To be honest.. for a men to have hosiery as part of accessory, not that mainstream anymore.. I'm not that "mainstream" either. But for the question's sake. Go for something stealth, skin tone sheer hose with your normal clothes, should be good enough. :)

What are some of the biggest fashion mistakes that hosiery wearers make?

In my opinion.. bad colour matching and matching them with the wrong kind of clothes and accessories.

If we want to wear hosiery and shorts in a business or formal environment, then would it be better to match it to the bottoms? For example, if I wear a blue collared shirt, then it seems to makes less sense to match the hosiery to the shirt.

[T]rue on that.. however for me, I wouldn't wear hosiery with shorts for formal setting as shorts remain to me as casual. If it's really cold, hosiery under formal pants is a good idea. Legwear to me remains to me more of street artistic look.

Torn hosiery is a common problem. Is there a smart way of incorporating it into our outfits

Pair it up with torn style clothes, like denim! I'm sure that would be really nice!

[W]ould it be wise to use nail polish or enamel to strengthen the torn hosiery, so that it stays exactly the same?

[N]ail polish for me remains a temporary fix, the thing about these enamel paints are that when they dry, they get a little glossy and dry hard, so I don't recommend them painted on torns where they are visible, but if the torns appear on where people usually can't see, it's fine for me.. anyways I'm sure we all have more than one pair right?

Is there anything else that you would like to mention regarding fashion?

I like how one part of Wikipedia describes fashion.. "Fashion refers to a distinctive and often habitual trend in the style with which a person dresses, as well as to prevailing styles in behaviour." There is always something new to fashion, it is constant and ever-changing. I in particular don't really follow the latest trends but I go for looks that are creative, timeless and appealing.

If people need fashion advice, then can they go to you? If so, then how should they contact you?

Sure you can! You can contact me via my blog [Legwear Fashion For Men], email at a.lucius88 [@( gmail com and also like our new Legwear Fashion For Men Facebook page!

Thanks, Andreas! I appreciate the time that you have put in to this.

Thank you, everybody, for reading!

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