Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Jessica Alba Shows Guys How To Put Some Effort Into It

Her beautiful hosiery covered legs remind me of dumplings. Nom! Nom! Nom! Yum, yum! They look so healthy.

She looked good early in the day, when she watched a fashion show. On the outside, she only wore a short top, hosiery, and highheels. Her outfit clearly demonstrates how we can get away with so much, even with only a few items.

Jessica Alba in a nice outfit

See the article for more photos.

For more convincing proof, look at the article's second photo. Who would you rather be? Both have nice hair, nice makeup, a nice top, and nice shoes. To me, there seems to be a world of a difference. I would rather look like Jessica Alba. Guys, we would insist that women put on nice hosiery, right?

I definitely think so, but what should us guys wear? The solution seems obvious. We would need to wear shorts, and nice hosiery as well. Robert Safko, from, says that women buy expensive products, so maybe men should, too. You would not appreciate women buying $1 hosiery, would you? If we want them to invest in quality hosiery, then maybe we should too. He also says that if guys expect women to wear them often, then we should too. In fact, maybe men should lead the way.

Some of you might hesitate, because you do not have nice outfits, and because women have more flexibility. That is all true. I do not have many nice outfits, either. However, that should not stop us.

To see how flexible hosiery and shoes can be, scroll down to the article's last 3 photos. Jessica Alba has the same shoes and hosiery. Beautiful, right? So, do not compare your outfits to the women's outfits. We can make do with what we have.

Perhaps, you think that women should lead the way in wearing hosiery? Please explain in the comments below. Perhaps you think that I am wrong. Maybe men should not dress up as much as women. What do you think?

Thank you for reading!

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