Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Andreas Lucius Loh: International Photographer [soon to be, that is]

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He is not just a fashion blogger. He is also a photographer. I felt that it was good to ask him about photography, since it is a big part of his life. He started off this part of the interview by writing about it a little.

As you all know that I'm a baby photographer, but I didn't start off being one. I took interest in photography when I acquired my first mobile phone with a camera back during my days in the active service with the Republic of Singapore Airforce, as I kept shooting whatever I found, one thing led to many, I acquired an entry level DSLR camera which I started doing my own mini business services, I found my niche in taking photos of people, I have shot weddings, covered corporate events and shot photos for various businesses. If you're interested, you can view my photos. As I started working at a full-time capacity as a baby photographer, I found myself really enjoying my rest days and started letting whatever business deals I had outsourced to my photographer friends. Photography is very fulfilling to me, especially when you know the photos you shot is liked and being used by your feels AMAZING!

I noticed that you got your first potential photography client, who did not know you. Congratulations. It must have felt like you achieved such a milestone. Am I right?

Hahaha! Nah it's just something worth tweeting I felt.. I had a some recurring customers whom I have done their shoots over 3 times!

How did you learn photography?

At first it was just a hobby, I didn't consider doing it full-time in the first place, I started learning through looking at other photographers' works and started learning "on the ground" from my photography ministry leaders and from my employer and senior photographer at work and sometimes from fellow peers, we can never stop learning new things can we? Hahaha!

Is it easy to learn photography just by relying on the tutorials on the web?

Hmm.. In a way it is but, it is always better(take it from me) to learn from someone "on the ground" than online learning. If one really one wants to truly learn photography is best learning through discipleship.

Do you offer lessons? If so, then how much do you charge?

I currently don't because I'm already weighed down with many other commitments. I haven't really thought of that though.. Perhaps as of now, I'm not that qualified to teach photography now. Hahaha!

Are you able to rely on photography as your main means of support?

As of now it is my main means of support.

That's awesome to read! Congratulations! I say that quite seriously, because I know that it is hard to have art be a main support.

What kind of advice do you offer for finding a good photographer?

It really depends on the individual, some people aren't looking too much at quality but quantity, some may not be into artistic styles or some are just looking for commercial style photos. The thing is, ask yourself one thing.. "What is the feel you are going for?" And then look through the short listed photographers' portfolios and gauge it through their works.

That's good advice. Thanks!

What should clients do to prepare themselves for photographers that they consult?

This really case by case basis, some clients like the photographers to set the art direction for them and some vice versa. To be really honest, if the photographer you have short listed is a professional with years of experience, let him or her advise you, but of course a few requests are fine but if it goes against what the photographer should do, the photographer gets offended and everything becomes a negative experience. Photography isn't any kind of service you buy off the shelf unless it's just a simple passport photo. Always try to build rapport with your photographer, and who knows if you make him happy, he might just do more for you!

Awesome. Thanks so much for sharing!

Everybody check back for the final questions! Thank you for reading!

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