Friday, March 1, 2013

New Business Opportunities

Yesterday, I went to Langley to meet up with Maureen from Lovely Legs And Intimates, so that I could purchase Silks lacetop stockings [by Phantom]. We ran late and chatted a while. It kind of bugged me, because I wanted to be able to do everything on 1 bus ticket.

However, it was good to chat with her, and hear how she was doing. She was grateful for the work that I am doing, since I am liquidating stock for her.

I also discovered that the nearby mall, Willowbrook Shopping Centre, had almost everything that I needed. I found out that there is an Orange Julius there, and a couple of department stores, where I have gift certificates. Also, nearby is a grocery store that is associated with my bank, so I am able to make use of a bank machine there. I also found a street letter box, nearby, so everything is within walking distance of a bus route that connects to my home.

The street letter box is important, because I might need to send out a shipment. I could buy products from somewhere in the area, or from somebody, who I might meet there, and then just send everything off.

In short, this gives me good access to all I need to meet people and to run my business, and to just go to some place kind of nice.

Thank you for reading!

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