Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Finished Making My Kilt!

It's about time. I just finished it about 10 minutes ago.

There were a lot of mistakes, and I'm sure that I'll do better next time. Near the end of the project, it got to the point where it was getting tedious, and I began to drag my feet, because I didn't know how to ensure that it would turn out okay. There was nothing that I could do to ensure that it would turn out better than the way that it is. This was my first kilt project, and I just had to accept the fact that experience would be the best teacher, and that I would have to learn the hard way.

I'll try to get some photos for you all, in the next 2 weeks. I just need to get my camera set up.

I'll probably go back to the sewing machine, after this, and make some flashes.

For those of you just joining us: I wanted to make a kilt, to help draw positive attention to the fashion trend of mainstream heterosexual men wearing shorts and hosiery [i.e. pantyhose, tights]. Typically, I wear my shorts and hosiery without a kilt. I hope to wear a kilt with socks and flashes, and hosiery underneath it all. I think that a kilt could be a very masculine part of it all.

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