Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Used Hosiery: First Attempt At Sewing It

You all probably remember my previous blog entry about turning used hosiery into underwear.

I practiced a bit with the old hosiery that I have. It turns out that it is really hard to do with ordinary thread. The particular sewing machine that I use is partially to blame. It doesn't have the same stitches that the professional machines have. The hosiery does stretch after sewing, and it does seem to have a nice clean seam, but it doesn't really stretch as well as the other seams. Maybe that's a good thing for underwear. The seam, that I made, stretched about 1.8 times the normal length. I might be able to improve that, but that's about it.

I'll keep you updated. For more ideas, click used, which can also be found in the right column, under Popular Topics.

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