Friday, July 2, 2010

Volunteering At Canada Day Parade

For those of you who know me, you know I like to volunteer, to meet people, and the get the message out. I volunteered at a Canada Day parade, I wore my red hosiery. Check out the photo, and the story on who our latest supporter is.

As I walked toward the volunteer booth to sign in, I saw a lovely young lady with red leggings. I wanted to walk over to chat her up, but I was already late, and she was with a group of people. I gave up the idea of seeing her again. As I walked from the volunteer sign in and training, we happen to cross paths and see each other. I was almost out of the crosswalk, when I pointed across the street at her legs and said, "I love your outfit!". She said, "I love yours, too.". I don't think that we said much more.

Later on, I noticed that this lovely young staff member came near by several times. I thought that this was cool. Unfortunately, she never came close enough and I couldn't leave my spot. Another fortuitous thing was another volunteer who also kept walking by, and chatting. I asked her to try to get the red leggings lady to come over, so that I could chat with her, and she did! In a way, it was surprising, and in a way, it wasn't, because from a distance, I could hear that she was glad to hear about me.

As we chatted, she brought out her Blackberry and used it to capture this wonderful image of her leg next to mine. It was neat to have her hosiery clad leg pressed up against mine.

You can see all 4 legs if you look carefully. Her leggings appear to be the same shade as my hosiery, but her leggings are actually a brighter Canada-red shade, which the RCMPs use, whereas mine are more of a Santa Claus deep red.

I thought that it was really cool that she wanted to take a photo. I was going to ask her to do it, but she was bold enough to come up with the idea herself. I asked her to send me a copy, which she did right then and there.

 Later on, I wanted to take another photo with her full body, so that you could see what her face looks like, and see her outfit, but it was kind of too late. You'll just have to trust me, that she is a beautiful person. Her beauty would be the second reason for wanting to chat with her. Besides, the important thing is that we now know that we have a new supporter.

I asked her if she had ever seen a guy in hosiery before, and she said that she did not. So, now we know that we exposed a new person to our wonderful cause. I explained to her that some guys wear it because of medical prescriptions, and that I wear it to raise awareness of these guys, and also because I enjoy the feel of the fabric.

I got more contact information from her, so that I could keep touch. I look forward to it.

Also interesting is another woman who was walking beside me earlier on. She was the first to speak, and she said with a great big smile, something like, "I like your stockings.". I just smiled, and said, "Thanks.". I should have chatted her up more.

I feel so good, because I had a meaningful reason to get out of the home, and also because I spread the word a little bit more.

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