Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Public Relations & Mending Broken Relationships

I recall meeting somebody in person, who was very excited to meet me, because he had been following me on MySpace for some time. Unfortunately, I said something, and I'm sure it offended him, even though I never intended to offend him at all. I'm sure that he remembers it quite well.

Now that I have a better understanding of how people think in different situations, I have come to regret what I did. I think that I needed to see it from a public relations point of view. From that perspective, I needed to be more sensitive to his needs, standards, and desires. At the time, I chose a particular phrasing, because I thought that it was more accurate, and I still do, even though it is considered offensive by many people. Now that I am thinking about it from his perspective, I choose to phrase these thoughts differently.

I'm going to try to contact him tomorrow, and ask for his forgiveness. He'll probably not forgive me, but at least I'll try.

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