Monday, June 13, 2011

Group Purchase: A866 Thermofabric™ Waist High Men's Full Support Footed Tights With Fly

I have been sending messages back and forth with Steve. I have the first option up for purchase: A866 Thermofabric™ Waist High Men's Full Support Footed Tights With Fly. Share that link on Facebook, and any other web site that you can think of. Read the remainder of my blog entry for more info.

Steve committed to buying 3 pairs, at most. That means that we need to order 117 more pairs. In general, I would like to have about 12-24 of us buying 5-10 pairs. Obviously more people buying less will be better, so that we will not have to make huge purchases. So promote it as much as you can. Steve has given us a big discount, so this might be your only chance to order grey A866. Obviously, a few people buying more is acceptable, too.

After you place on order, make a comment below on what your preferred size is. Remember, nothing is written in stone, until we are ready to order as a group, from Steve, so your money is safe.

Soon, I will add The Stylish Fox products, as well as more Comfilon products, for us to choose from. We will need to order for each style that we are willing to buy. When 1 product reaches 117 items, or the minimum, I will delete all the orders of the other products, so that you will not be charged too much. I will still leave the products up, so that you can order again, if you prefer. I doing this in an unusual way, because we are ordering unusual products in an unusual way, and I want to protect your money.

Questions? Comments?

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