Thursday, June 16, 2011

Used Hosiery: Door Knob Hanger

You can hang stuff from door knobs. You basically hang hosiery on the door knob, and then put stuff in it.


  1. Eugene, here are some more ideas.

    There is a video on Youtube of a punching bag made from pantyhose suspended by the legs from floor to ceiling and something hard wrapped inside of the control top.

    Also, there is a Youtube video of used hosiery to be turned into decorative pompons for purses, shoes, so on.

    Perhaps it could also pass off for a cheesecloth... Something to filter out small particles from water.

    I remember reading that some swimmers go to practice in hosiery to the water in order to increase water resistance for better workout.

    Also, somewhere on wikipedia I read that fishermen wear hosiery somewhere in warm countries when they enter the water to prevent jellyfish from stinging.

    Feel free to include these uses in your blog.


  2. Hi Jessica.

    I couldn't find any of those YouTube videos.

    I think that I blogged about the swimmers, already. I might have mentioned it in my MySpace blog.

    I think that using the hosiery as a strainer is pretty well known. I never asked, but still.

    I'll blog about the punching bag and the pompoms, though. Thanks!