Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hosiery Is Very Comfortable

Why wear pants when you can wear hosiery? This page shows photos of Meagan Good, claiming that she is wearing see-through tights. I don't think that she is wearing tights. She appears to be wearing leggings. Please comment below to confirm whether I am correct, or not. If she is wearing hosiery, then it would be proof that hosiery is not uncomfortable.

Update: By the way, I am not saying that it is okay to dress that way.


  1. Based on the appearance, I believe that she is wearing hosiery, which would best be described as footless tights. It would be similar to how the Comfilon A866 tights are also available in a footless version (A867). The definitions are not precise. While any kind of footless legwear could be described as "leggings", in current women's fashion, leggings are usually legwear sewn together with a seams rather than made using the hosiery process. Also, they're a least a little thicker than hosiery, and the most common fabric is cotton/lycra.

  2. I see what you're saying.

    I noticed a strange thing the other day. A company seems to be marketing their footless hosiery as leggings. That really bothered me, especially since I like footless hosiery more than leggings.