Monday, June 27, 2011

Volunteered At Greek Day 2011 [in Vancouver]

This is not the same event as Greek Summer Festival, but Greek Day was enjoyable, all the same. Read the remainder of my blog entry for more info about yesterday's volunteering.

I wore my grubby grey shorts, a dark blue golf shirt that I got from Celtic Fest, and white opaques. My main duty was to man a set of garbage cans to educate people on which items were compostables and which were regular garbage. Unfortunately, all the recyclables went into the garbage. Interestingly enough, the food related stuff from the vendor booths were completely compostable, including the forks, knives, spoons, and cups. Those items looked like plastic, but they were not.

The main interesting thing that happened was gal walking by with a guy. She said that she liked my socks or tights, or whatever. I really appreciated that. I have not heard that from a gal for some time. I thanked her.

A volunteer coordinator trained us. She asked me if I would be too hot, while looking and pointing at my legs. I told her that I would be okay, and that the white reflects the light. She accepted that.

Everybody was supportive.


  1. Great post!! I gotta say you have guts!! Keep up the good work!!