Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Reason That We Wear: Burn Victims

There are many reasons that we wear them. Usually, it is personal enjoyment. Let us remember that there are many people who must wear them. So, if you do not care either way about yourself, then wear visibly for somebody else in need. By wearing them in public, you would be doing your part to make hosiery a mainstream garment, which means that less children will need to focus on how they look.


  1. Exactly, I personally wear because I like to, but I do it to help those who need to for what ever reason. This last weekend I picked up my mother in law and sister in law from the airport, and while I walked ahead of my wife and mother in law, my mother in law asked my wife if I was wearing pantyhose, and she said that I was, so she asked why, and my wife responded by saying that I like to wear them. They had a good laugh about it and when I asked what they where laughing about, my mother in law responded by saying that my legs looked better than hers. The next day we where talking about it and I mentioned that it was to help those who needed to wear them. So I completely agree with what you have said.

  2. Compression hosiery - people wear it for health reasons. I saw a lady with a cast on one leg and a stocking on another leg. Turns out that after her operation the other leg got swelling.

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