Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Reasons For Wearing 2 Pairs Of Hosiery

I came up with a reason to wear an opaque pair of hosiery over compression hosiery. Read the remainder of my blog entry for more info.

I think that it is safe to say that certain pairs of compression hosiery might be ideal for an individual's needs, and that the hosiery might not look super fashionable. I think that wearing opaques might help.

Guys, perhaps you have a shimmery pair to match to that pair of shorts. Gals, perhaps you have a matte pair to match your to favourite LBD. Do you really want to match your outfit with your compression hosiery, if the knit appears to be coarse?

Most people think that microfiber fabric tends to have a much more elegant appearance. You would probably be doing yourself a favour by wearing something over top of your compression hosiery.

Another great advantage is that the microfiber pair is cheaper, and could protect the compression hosiery against scruffs and scratches.

Please comment below, and let me know if you would you wear microfiber hosiery over support hosiery, if you had to wear support hosiery.

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