Thursday, August 18, 2011

Used Hosiery: Hosiery Dye

The other day, I was struggling to wash some pink colour out of my white hosiery. I had accidentally put it in my hosiery bag, with my reddish wine hosiery.

So, even though your favourite pairs of colourful hosiery might have so many runs and snags, you might want to keep them for soaking with your other hosiery, to pass on some colour. This will work best with colourful thick opaques passing on colour to light coloured or white coloured hosiery.

Have you ever done this before?


  1. SheersAndOpaque, a friend and follower on Twitter, gave some great feedback: "very good advice! I've done so many times with pink tights and factory-white slippers for dance/ballet! :)" and "so long as they're satin or canvas if regular dye is used though :)".