Thursday, August 25, 2011

Used Hosiery: Roughness Checker

I am so surprised that I never mentioned this idea, that I almost owe you an apology. Read the remainder of my post for more info.

I hate it when I snag a pair of hosiery. In the last 7 days, I snagged 2 pairs of white opaque hosiery with my clipboard. I also hate having rough skin. For me, touching the smooth fabric is the main pleasure of wearing hosiery. The sensation of silky fabric is indescribable.

That means wearing a pair of gloves to put on hosiery is not preferable.

So, why do we not have hosiery fabric for testing how rough our skin is? We could use it before we put a pair of hosiery on. Using a piece of hosiery is better than a pair of gloves, because it will allow us to check our toes and heels, whereas hosiery gloves are not meant for checking for smooth skin. We could also use the piece of hosiery for during the day, to see if your hands are still smooth. We could use a piece of hosiery to check objects that might touch our legs.

To have your own roughness-checker, all that you need to do is keep a stocking or pair of sheer hosiery in a convenient location, and then start calling it your roughness-checker. I recommend having a roughness-checker for your clean hands, another for your feet. Another for checking everyday objects. The more sheer the roughness-checker is, the better. Sheer fabric snags better right? That would give us a better idea of how rough surfaces really are.

After each hand wash, when the skin dries, rub the roughness-checker using every part of the hand. If there are any rough spots, then the checker will snag.

When putting on a pair hosiery, rub the roughness-checker over the toes and heels. If there are any rough spots, then the checker will snag. If you know where the rough spots are, you can be careful when putting the hosiery over that area.

It is amazing how a pair of hosiery can go from a treasured item that we protect, to a item on the forefront of snag prevention. :^D Please leave a comment below, to let me know how well this works for you.

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