Friday, November 25, 2011

Pretty Polly Available In Canada

On Wednesday night, I went into a drug store [i.e. Shoppers Drug Mart] to see what kinds of hosiery they had. I assumed that it would be all the same as what I saw before, but I was completely wrong. They got new product suppliers, and they ended up going with Soxsense®, Allude®, and Pretty Polly.

I had to do a double take. I was so surprised to see that Pretty Polly had made it to Canada. I did not know what to make of their styles. The style that caught my attention, though, was an opaque style, made of polyester and spandex.

It felt very nice, and I hope to try it 1 day.

I am a bit disappointed in Pretty Polly or Shoppers Drug Mart for not letting us know that Pretty Polly had finally arrived in Canada.

Have any of you tried Pretty Polly? What do you think of it?

The end. Thank you for reading!


  1. I just bought some pretty polly tights that are fleece lined and LOVE them as they are so warm! There is a sale on them until Jan. 6th 2012
    at Shoppers Drug mart although, perhaps, not all of Shoppers are participating. I went back and got more pairs after trying out my first pair as they are fantastic in Canadian winters.

  2. We love Pretty Polly products as well. The suspender tights are super cool and favorites of tons of celebs and for good reason. We have a wide collection of Pretty Polly and even offer a 2 for 3 special available online at

    1. Excellent! Thanks for letting us know about the sale!