Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Shapings: Bra Fitting

This section of the interview is not about hosiery. I decided to add it in anyways, because bra fitting seems to be a significant part of the Shapings business, and because bra fitting seemed relevant to getting to know Nicole. The rest of my post tells you all.

Do you ever get women coming in without an intent to get a bra fitting, but intending to buy a bra that's not sized right? If so, then would you sell it her, without her asking for input? Would you sell something to her, if she wants it for herself no matter what?

We get women intending on buying the incorrect sized bra all the time. We tactfully ask if they have ever been fitted. Usually, they are interested in this process. Our statement mission is to fit every properly, however, if they are not willing we will not force anyone, our hands are tied. If a woman insists on purchasing an ill-fitting bra, that is her issue not ours. We are still there to provide her with wonderful customer service, if she insists on purchasing the incorrect size, we will not be held responsible for the error, but we will create an easy and comfortable shopping experience for her.

Correcting a woman who chooses a wrong size must require tactfulness. How do you do it?

This is simple. We demonstrate to her why the incorrect size she has chosen does not work and why the correct size would. It's not rocket science. We are here to help!

Your About Us page mentions professional bra fitters. Is it something that requires training? What about certification? What about education?

Unfortunately, there are no training courses in school that are available. However, I have traveled Europe to do research on proper bra fitting and have trained my staff in such a manner of European style fitting. We do carry mastectomy products as well in our stores and although certification is not required by law, we have staff who have taken courses and are certified fitters for our mastectomy products.

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