Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wore Footless Hosiery And Socks Lately

I have not been too excited about wearing anything in particular lately. I thought that this wold be a good opportunity to start wearing footless hosiery and socks. I think that the socks might be warmer because they are thicker. Also, if I am not excited about hosiery right now, then I want to put all the wear an tear on my socks instead of my hosiery.

Yesterday, I went to the local public library branch. Because it was so close, and because I wanted to be quick, and because it was in the middle of the day, I figured that I could go out in my comfortable house clothing, and then not many people would notice. I think that I was right. I went out in that clothing because I wanted to save time, and not have to change clothes.

At first, I was scared, because I did not want hosiery on men to look bad. The library branch is so close that it might be almost as quick driving. I went inside, and tried to keep an eye out for people doing a double take. I do not think that anybody noticed. It was probably because all of my clothing had a sporty feel to it: the pull over sweat shirt, the swim shorts, the socks, the runners, etc.

Sometimes cultures can be very intolerant, but sometimes they cannot be bothered to even look at us once.

The end. Thank you for reading!

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