Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Shapings: Misc. Questions

The rest of my post contains the last portion of the Shapings interview. Be nice, and thank Nicole.

As you might know, we are interested in purchasing hosiery in bulk. Do you offer discounts on larger purchases?

We offer 15% on 6 pairs or more, it is quite a savings when buying a larger quantity. We offer all of our clients the same great discount every day. There's no inconvenient time constraints for our discounts.

Do you have a funny hosiery story?

I was walking down a flight of stairs in a friends house, we were getting ready to leave for dinner, and I misjudged a step and went down the entire flight on my backside. When I reached the bottom I was more concerned if I had put a run in my beautiful Fogal hose. Thankfully, I didn't, my Fogal's survived the fall. It wasn't funny then, but when I think back on it I laugh, I still have a cracked tailbone to remind me of that day!

Do you have a sad hosiery story?


Do you see any reason to buy low quality hosiery?

Only if I want to be uncomfortable.

Your web site seems to be quite nice. Did you make it yourself? If not, then how did you find the creator of the web site?

The website was designed by Robert with some influence from our web master to put it together to make it work. We wanted a user friendly site, one that's easy to navigate.

Your photos seem to be different from the packaging photos. Do you or your staff take the photos?

Robert is the photographer. He creates an image that is done through the eyes of someone who shares the passion for hosiery.

What do the male models say when they find out that you want to take photos of them wearing hosiery?

They don't say much, it's a job for them. One of our men even got "excited" when he had them on.

Do you ever get feedback from the male models about the hosiery that they model? If so, then what do they say?

All of them comment on how great they feel. They all have taken some home to enjoy personally.

Do you ever get feedback from the female models about the hosiery that they model? If so, then what do they say?

The feedback from our girls is generally how beautiful they are and that they feel different from what they are use to (eg. domestic brands) They actually would like to wear them after shooting with our product. Since most of them don't wear hosiery as a rule, it's somewhat "life changing" for them considering now they are interested in wearing them. LOL

Do you ever get feedback from the female models about the male models wearing hosiery? If so, then what do they say?

There hasn't been any feedback from the girls regarding the men. Perhaps it's too fashion forward for them, or they don't know how to react. All have been extremely professional during the entire process of the shoot.

Would you ever photograph volunteers [i.e. 1 of us] for your web site photos?

Ask that question to Victoria's Secret! LOL Doing a photoshoot is very time consuming, exhausting, thought engaging, artisic, and costly. It is extremely difficult to create a successful photoshoot with amateur models. Although they have some experience, the "WOW" factor of the shots just aren't there. So to have a "volunteer" do a photoshoot may be frustrating, however, we are never closed to any great new suggestions. Sometimes, it's just the passion for the product that could make things work well!

Is there anything that you'd like the world to know, that I haven't asked about? Feel free to comment.

I would love the women of this world to know that hosiery is like make up for the legs. You wouldn't go out of the house with your make up on but leave your lips bare, would you? So why leave your legs bare? Unless you have flawless, gorgeous, Jamie Lee Curtis perfect legs, do not, I repeat, do not leave the house without hosiery, it looks awful, and your feet will stink!!!! It was reported in a newspaper that bare legged Brittany Spears was asked to put on her shoes back on while flying because her feet stunk so bad it upset other passengers. Think about it, you wash your socks after wearing them once? right? Well, when you wear your sexy shoes with no hosiery and your feet are sweating in your shoes, you cannot wash those shoes, it's like wearing the same socks over and over without ever washing them!

The more that I think about it, the more that I am impressed at how many questions you answered. Thank you, Nicole, for answering.

The end. Thank you, readers, for reading!


  1. I have enjoyed this interview series with Nicole. Thanks to you both.

  2. You're welcome. I'll pass that on to her. Thank you, also, sheer geek.

    I find that a lot of the interview answers will be the same, but I also find there are some unique answers that are always refreshing.