Saturday, March 24, 2012

#DavidBeckham #Mantyhose Campaign

My blog post about David Beckham wearing hosiery sparked a small discussion on Twitter. I think that we should really start a campaign to get him into a pair of shorts and hosiery. This campaign is open to businesses and individuals. It will take a huge group effort. Please join. The rest of my post tells you all.

I figure that we need to plan what we want of him, before we start broadcasting our campaign to the entire Internet.

I think that, although we want him to wear mantyhose, it does not necessarily have to be mantyhose. It could be just ordinary women's hosiery, as long as it fits him.

For brands, I have no preference. I suggest the brand that I sell, because it is long legged, but I would be happy to see him wear other brands. Businesses, please make make your suggestions in the comments below, and please leave links to your e-commerce sites, and/or product pages. I want my blog to be supportive of hosiery businesses, and this is your chance to shine. Individuals, please make your suggestions in the comments below also. Let us know what your favourites are.

For colours I would like to see him wear black, or grey, or maybe white. It seems that his Los Angeles Galaxy uniforms have 2/3 the colours. Perhaps black or white is best, because they can be used for other events. I would like to see him get as much as use of the hosiery as possible. Somebody suggested black, or grey, or natural, or tan. What do you suggest?

For opacity, I would like him to wear completely opaque if he does not want to shave his legs. Is that reasonable?

For styles, I suggest something very plain. In other words, no patterns. The person who made colour suggestions, also said we should have him wear no patterns. What do you think?

For the outfit, we should require that he wear shorts with his hosiery. Obviously, he could wear a kilt with it, later on, but I would like to see him wear hosiery with shorts first. Does that make sense?

For location, it would be nice to see him wear it at a prominent event. I envision a red carpet event, but it could be anywhere where there are paparazzi. What do you think?

I think that in order for us to be successful, we really need to offer him something in return. For example, if he would wear shorts and hosiery for a high profile evening out, then we could offer his favourite charity something in return. Maybe we could raise pledges for Malaria No More? I think that it should be up to him. What do you think?

I think that another requirement should be for him to offer a legitimate product review, and we should not be hurt or upset if he does not like the product.

Also, he should pay for it for himself, so that this campaign could be supportive of the business community.

I do not want too many requirements, but I think that we need to be really careful, in order to get this to succeed. It could be our big chance to bring this into the mainstream.

What do you think?!? Please comment below.

Let's do it!!!

Thank you for reading!

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  1. I think you've hit on something with David Beckham. If he started wearing mantyhose it very likely would become more mainstream. But I think he would have to wear because he's tried it and likes it, so that he genuinely is an advocate for it. He probably would be willing to wear what we request as an isolated occurrence, in exchange for donations. But people would interpret that as just one more crazy thing celebrities are willing to do for charity. It could work against us if people think the only reason he's wearing hose is for charity.

    We can try to educate him about mantyhose products and how fashion designers have been using it. Maybe suggest that it's something any man like him, who's open-minded about fashion, should try. Maybe send him some pictures of styles that may look good on him, and send him some free pairs to try on. But I think it will only help us if whether he wears and what he wears is his choice, without needing an extra incentive.