Saturday, March 17, 2012

Why No Footless Mantyhose For Men?

Yesterday, as I was getting dressed, I kind of dreaded putting on full length hosiery, especially considering what I wore before. I kind of felt guilty, because I believe that it is hard to make a statement with opaques since they blend in so well, and are harder to see.

A few days ago, I finally had a chance to try on the hosiery from, and except for the length, I love their firm support hosiery. After that, which is yesterday, the thought of climbing into something sheer just did not appeal to me anymore. I will do it occasionally, because it still looks awesome, but the fact that it is so delicate really bothers me.

This is why I think that footless opaque hosiery is both very masculine and very feminine. It is masculine, because it is naturally more durable, and men are not required to shave. It is feminine, because it highlights a woman's lovely legs.

Throughout history, the common man never really wore sheer fabrics, lace, high heels, or frail stuff. Even today, men are still getting used to wearing delicate garments. The other day, I had a pair of sheers actually snag on my leg. I was shocked to see the hosiery stuck on the skin around a leg hair. After that, it got snagged on the hair. I have never seen that in my entire life. I understand that my legs are not super smooth, but I also believe that even ultra sheers should not be so sensitive.

I guess, that in the end, it totally depends on what each person enjoys the most, but are we doing newbies any favours by introducing them to sheers? I say that we get them used to a pair footless opaque mantyhose, and then let them decide. Opaques feel good, too, do they not?

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  1. Footless tights also allow you more flexibility with socks, and can more easier adjust to people of different heights. There is one men's style I know of, Activskin A876, which also has a fly.