Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Great Hosiery Fashion Advice

The hosiery expert wore hosiery this time! What a novel idea.

This article has a nice video, where a guest gives some great advice and comparisons, so that we can know which pair to wear with which outfit. I actually learned a few things. I liked her Meryl Streep comparison, especially since I find Meryl very attractive. An interesting thing is that the expert got feedback from guys before the show.

I must say, though, that her advice does not really apply to guys in shorts. Guys in shorts should wear opaques more often, because it helps us look more masculine. Do not get me wrong, though. We can wear sheers as well, especially with our spring and summer outfits. Guys could probably wear sheers in formal occasions. I suggest them for when we want to obey the formal dress code rules, but still be a tiny bit casual.

Thank you for reading!

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