Friday, March 2, 2012

Tried On Silks Brand Waistband-Free Control Top Sheers

The other day, I tried on the sample of pair Silks Waistband-free Control Top Pantyhose, that Doris Hosiery gave me, and they seemed quite nice.

product package

My biggest concern was whether or not my heels would be so dry that they would stick to the hosiery like Velcro sticking to hosiery. I was surprised to see that they came on and off without any damage. In fact, they seemed to come on and off much more easily than my opaque hosiery. I think that is because the opaque hosiery is made of microfibre, which would grip dry skin more.

I thought that the hosiery would be more opaque. It seems that the hosiery is very very thin.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that they are relatively low on the hips. I expected them to come close to the belly button, since the height of the panty is 9.5″. This is important to me, because a customer was looking for low-rise hosiery.

Once I try on the opaques, and the non-control top sheers, I will give my customer a call.

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