Monday, October 7, 2013

Clearance: Silks Waistband-free Tights [8 Pairs Of Style #19295 Java Size 2]

[Originally published on August 4, 2013, 4:50 AM.]

At Hosiery Advocate's Boutique, I always try to do quality assurance on everything that comes in.

I have 8 pairs of them, with small dots that were there probably from the dying process. They are about the size of a felt pen tip, that kids would use in school. They might wash out, but maybe not, but no matter what, I am happy to get rid of them at my costs plus shipping to you.

To see photos of the defects, read the full blog post.

This is a good opportunity for you to try the waistband-free panty, the flat seams, and the long legs.

This is also a good opportunity to buy hosiery for your Halloween costume.

For Canadians, this means $9.85, with shipping included. No taxes will be collected. That translates to a savings of $7.50. You get your order shipped the same day.

For other countries, leave a comment below, telling me what country you want to ship to, and then I will make a button for you.

Small Dots On Leg

This has small dots on the mid to lower leg, and is very usable for customers who wear long skirts, or customers who just want something to cover the leg.

Small Dots On Ankle

This has small dots on the ankle, and is very usable for customers who wear boots above the ankle, or customers who just want something to cover the leg.

Thank you for reading!


  1. Eugene, please post the photo of the product. At least the photo of the packaging. It's hard to buy otherwise not knowing what it looks like.

    Are you sure your shipping costs shows up in your shopping cart?

    It didn't look like it, I tried to click and and it only showed the cost of the product.


    1. Hi Jessica.

      I have uploaded 6 photos of the defects. Each of them is zoomed in more than the photo before.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

  2. Ooops, I see that you say shipping is included. I was expecting a shipping charge.