Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Will Order More Hosiery Waistband-free Hosiery

Within 13 days of the last 17 days, I have received 4 orders. That totally surprised me. I am actually very shocked that it all worked out so well. Each of the orders were for hosiery that I had in stock. It felt good to be able to reduce quantities of hosiery that seem to move slowly.

I have so many pairs, that I am not sure that I can ever finish using them before I die.

Jessica, of Fantasy Stockings, said that once the weather cools down, I should be getting more hosiery. This seems to be the case.

Therefore, I am tempted to order more hosiery from the manufacturer. The problem is that ordering too much of some product means that my money is used for hosiery that might never sell, or it might sell slowly.

I must have spent around an hour playing with some numbers to see how I might be able to deal with the problem. I think that I figured it out. I will not give any clues, because I do not want to help my competitors, unless they pay for consulting services. I can say, though, that the stock will be kept low enough to keep me happy, if I closed the business today. I will have many pairs to use up, but the amount will be much lower than I have kept in the past.

This means that I can keep my business going indefinitely. I am happy about that, because keeping hosiery available for customers is 1 of the best ways to advocate hosiery.

Thank you for reading!


  1. The remark that you should sell more hosiery in cooler weather would make sense to me.
    I am a grandfather and I wear tights everyday through the autumn / winter, But once the weather warms up, Then I am in bare feet. NEVER wear socks.