Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Thanksgiving Gathering And Fiore Tights

I decided to wear footed hosiery this time. I think that the only hosiery that I wore to my family gatherings have been footless hosiery. I am too lazy to check my previous entries. Since I have not epilated in many weeks, I decided to go with something opaque.

At the time that I decided what to wear, I did not like Raisa hosiery too much, since it did not feel as smooth, and it appeared to be like cotton hosiery, which appears rough. However, I thought that it might be an ideal style to wear, since I did not want to ruin my favourite hosiery by walking on carpet.

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product photo

It turned out to be for the best, because you could see some skin, when the legs were bent, but you could not see the hairs very well.

I have changed my mind about them. Although they look and feel a tiny bit rough, they are soft too, and they are ideal for guys who want to wear footed hosiery, without shaving legs. You still get a smooth appearance [smooth to waist, in fact!], while not having to worry about hairy legs under hosiery. I think that this should be thought of as the average guy's hosiery. I highly recommend it.

An interesting thing happened. When I was sitting down to eat, my brother was sitting on the floor, and I was sitting on a chair next to him. He tapped my leg with the back of his hand to get my attention to speak to me, but I did not realize it at first. I thought that he touched me by accident. This shows me that he has come a long ways in his acceptance of me wearing, and is even willing to tough my legs. I think that it is just a matter of time before people accept men wearing hosiery, but we have to maintain masculinity in our outfits.

A good lesson: be persistent. We do not want to repeat the same failed attempts, but we do want to keep trying slightly modified ideas.

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