Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Creating A Group Discount Site

I have put some thought into creating a group discount site which is exclusively focused on purchasing unique hosiery at discount prices. Feel free to use this idea. Just let me know, so that I could avoid doing the same thing as you. Read the remainder of the blog entry for the details on how my idea would work. I will probably create a survey on Friday, for this.

Most/All of the group discount web sites are about having a variety of offers, and offering major discounts. I want a web site that encourages potential customers to buy sizes and colours that the businesses would not normally offer. The idea is that if we all agree to buy large quantities, then they would not have to keep a bunch of pairs in stock.

With all of the group discount web sites that I have seen, you have to buy the offer, before it expires. We could do something like that, but I think that it would be better to have the orders accumulate, and then all of the orders will go in at once, as soon as there is enough to buy a bunch.

If I recall correctly, a manufacturer would need to order about 144 pairs, for a certain size and colour, of a certain style. Essentially, that is 12 of us ordering a dozen pairs each. It would not be too much to ask for a 10% discount. Also, the company could sell 10 pairs to 14 of us, and keep 4 pairs on hand, to have a wider offering. A lot of companies could probably afford to raise that discount 25%, 30% or even 40%, without sweating it much, because the orders would move through quickly, and they could fill all orders at a steady pace.

Yes, we would be stuck with several pairs, but a lot of you go through quite a few, as it is. With large purchases, we could probably save quite a bit on shipping.

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