Monday, December 13, 2010

Gift Suggestions

[Sorry for taking so long to publish this blog entry.]

If any of you want to give hosiery as a gift, then read the remainder of this blog entry for 5 small suggestions on how to make it special.

Guys, this is actually written to the ladies, so that they can buy for you.

Since it is just like buying clothing for somebody, my suggestions are probably common sense. So, you can think of them as reminders.

  • Make sure that the pair can go with the outfits that the recipient has.
  • Make sure that the recipient has expressed an interest in 1 or more aspects of the pair that you choose. For example, he might not like opaques, so get him some sheers.
  • Choose something that has a nice picture on it, if possible, to help "sell" the item to him, when he opens it. In other words, you want it to look special, before he even tries them on.
  • Choose a name brand that is not obscenely expensive, but is nice enough to imply quality.
  • Buy the tallest size. You do not necessarily need to buy the widest size, but buying the tallest is usually best.

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