Monday, December 27, 2010

Wonderful Hosiery Trends

Remember what life was like several years ago, when we were excited to see a woman in hosiery? She could wear the 5 year old $1 pair that she bought at the supermarket, and we would still be happy to see her wear the tattered garment [or not]. Well, I have been receiving news and search results in my inbox lately, and things are looking promising. Read the remainder of this blog entry for a bunch of highlights.

[Update: I removed a paragraph and placed it in a separate blog entry, because the main focus was on sewing, even though it did show us their attitudes about hosiery.]

Mainstream Approval

A mainstream web site recommend putting hosiery together with the recommended dresses. A while ago, dark coloured hosiery was not recommended for lighter coloured outfits, if I recall correctly.

No Longer Just A Winter Garment

Even the scam web sites seem to be getting in on the act. A particular web site recommended wearing hosiery in summer as well. I found it strange that there were blog entries about pills and replicas. I do not know if those were posted by the actual blog owner, or if it was a case of somebody hacking into that blog.

Tights And Peep Toe Shoes

A young lady asked about tights and peep toe shoes. A while ago, this was considered a no-no. Now it is encouraged. scrunchy55 said something interesting.

WEAR THE TIGHTS. DONT LISTEN TO JERKS ON POLYVORE. THEY ARE STILL IN FASHION NOW. I SEE beyonce AND I SEE kim kardashian WEARING PEEP TOES WITH TIGHTS, GO FOR IT. people dont notice...the only thing you shouldnt do when it comes to tights and peep toes...the 2 things have to be the same color.

Quantity Vs. Quality

A lady was happy to tell her readers that she paid more for a pair of higher quality opaques. A while ago, trying to convince people that higher priced hosiery was worth it, was like trying to convince people to pay $50 for a disposable broom. She made a serious effort to consider brands like Wolford, Spanx, and presumably other brands, and then tried at least a couple, as opposed to assuming that they were all the same. Her readers were happy to chime in.

No Longer Dance Wear And Not Itchy After All

A blogger wore them outside of a dance class and with a new outfit. A few years ago, they were probably considered only dance wear, by some people. Now they are awesome accessories that people are happy to brag about, and we are happy to read their braggings, and look at their photos. A few years ago, they were considered uncomfortable. In fact, even today, many people still believe that, but at least many are discovering how pleasant they feel.

The Perfect Pair Of Black Tights

Another blogger shares her recommendation. People are creating high standards, and are not satisfied until they are met. As a side note, I highly recommend that you check out her page, because the pair that she recommends is 40% off, with a free shipping for large orders.

Apparently It Really Is Mostly A West Coast Thing

A blogger shares what appears to be her first experience with wearing shorts and hosiery. Apparently, her readers have not tried it, yet. Almost every time I go out, I see other people wear it. I guess that I can take it for granted.

Skimpy Circus Outfits From The 30s

Here are a few images of an upcoming circus movie. I do not know what circus outfits were like back then, but I do know that Hollywood is now willing to show more hosiery.

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