Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kilts Night At Doolin's Pub

Doolin's Pub has an event, called Kilts Night, every first Thursday, of every month. I wore my red tartan kilt, a pair of grey wool socks, a pair of black flashes, and a pair of skin coloured sheer hosiery. Read the remainder of the blog entry for the details.

I had originally chosen to wear matte skin coloured sheer hosiery. I wanted something to give as much warmth as possible, without being noticed. However, as I put them on, I noticed how shimmery they were. I decided to wear them anyways, because once I touch them with anything other than freshly washed hands, I do not put them back into the clean drawer, and it would be a while before I would put on a shimmery pair of hosiery. I also thought that I would not chat much with people, and the dim lighting might make it even harder to see my hosiery.

I was wrong. People noticed it.

I showed the waitress my kilt, to get a free pint of Guinness, since it was kilt night. She cheered. She was the first person who might have noticed it.

The first person who definitely did notice was a lady sitting diagonally across from me. She did a double take and said something like, "Oh, nice tights!". When her friend said, "Huh?", the lady pointed and mentioned my hosiery. I asked her if she had seen any guys wear it before, and she said, "No.". They did not say anything after that. I sensed that they did not want to talk about it, because it did not seem like a big deal to them.

There were people who took photos of me throughout the night [or was it only 1 person??]. Hopefully, I'll get them and be able to share them with you. I would not be surprised if the photographers and other people could see the sheen.

The last lady to notice was a performer that night. I went to speak to her about music stuff. During the conversation, I said something like, "I noticed your hosiery, which is quite nice. I wear hosiery as well. May I ask, 'What brand is it?'". She did not know. I went back to the topic of music, or whatever we were talking about.

During the evening, the ladies at my table started dancing, and the friend of the first lady pulled me into it. More people joined in, and then we danced as a group. If they did not notice me wearing hosiery, then no big deal. If they did, then they obviously did not mind dancing with me.

Later on, in the evening, I spoke to the first lady about my hosiery, because she seemed to say something nice about it. Instead of asking her a direct question for her opinion, I asked her, "How do you think that I could make the hosiery more masculine?". She said to get rid of it. She tried to explain that a kilt is meant to be worn without any underwear. I told her that I was asking about how to make the hosiery more masculine, but she insisted on getting rid of it. I find it interesting that she would say something nice about the hosiery, and then encourage me to get rid of it. Maybe she considered it feminine, even though she liked it on guys. Maybe she did not like it, but was trying to be polite.

There you have it folks. Now more people know. I do not know if I turned them off, or not, though.


  1. Eugene,
    most people don't even notice, and if the tights keep you warm -- why worry? It is better to be warm and happy than to catch a cold.
    I have worn flesh coloured dance tights under the kilt together with kilt hose {long socks} and flashes and nobody has noticed. Even though my knees are open for all to see.
    Please keep up the good work.

  2. Hi aussie. I hope that you're doing well.

    Welcome to my blog. I do not think that I have met you before. In fact, everybody, welcome to my blog.

    I appreciate your input. I find it very encouraging.

    Based on what you said, maybe we should coin this phrase: "Sho what, if our hoshe ish shimmery?". What do you think? :^D

  3. hi eugene,
    what tartan do you wear? we've discovered 3 clans in our family; but levi still prefers blackwatch on his kilt! :)
    on the other topic: it's refreshing when people are big enough to talk openly with you instead of being hushed.
    i'm curious if the photographer let you know he/she had taken photos of you, or were they being sneaky? (i've done both; just wondering!:))
    take care,

  4. Hi Paul.

    I don't know which clan it is. I got it from the store, Venus And Mars. It was in the window, so I decided to take a look. It is probably 1 of the cheapest kilts available, because of the material.

    The photographer was out in the open. If he took a photo without me knowing, then it would be simply because I did not look. I gave him my disposable address, so that he could email me the photos, but he never seemed to do it. I hate it when people don't do that.

    I can't remember. Where did Levi get the kilt?

    How did you figure out which 3 clans are in your family? I just remember your last name being French.

  5. hi! we got levi's kilt at tartantown in coquitlam... my former bagpipe teacher's brother terry lee owns/operates that shop. he's also the pipe major for the SFU pipe band which is, of course, the best pipe band in the world many times over! :) sister patty acquired a bunch of photos from my oldest aunt -- there was also some genealogical information. amazing, my grampa married a scottish woman, my great grampa married a scottish woman, and my great great grampa married a scottish woman. why didn't they just toss the french last name! HAHAA! have a good day. paul