Friday, December 3, 2010

Hosiery [i.e. pantyhose, nylons, tights, etc.] Is In Style For 2010 & 2011

Hosiery seems to have been popular in 2010, and it seems to be looking great for 2011. Read the remainder of my blog entry for why I think so.

Thanks to many positive trends, and the lack of "Sex And The City", hosiery is popular for 2010, and it looks like it will be popular again in 2011. Many musicians wear it. The cast of "Gossip Girl" wore it early on. I do not watch it now, but I suspect that they wear it less now. Also, leggings have contributed to the popularity, because women are more interested in wearing a layer under their skirts and shorts.

Hosiery is definitely not out of style these days. People are going for a much more sophisticated and classic look. Typically, they want something more put together and a tad bit more professional.

Buying the right length is a challenge. So, for the remainder of the blog entry, I will write about finding the right size, so that you can wear hosiery during the remainder of 2010, and during 2011.

Hosiery manufacturers often make hosiery too short, despite what the sizing chart says, and this obviously is not your fault. You can "protect" yourself by purchasing hosiery made with spandex, and making sure that you purchase the biggest size for your body shape, and then letting the spandex give you a great custom fit. Many people think that it is embarrassing to buy a size or 2 larger than what the package indicates. Consumers need to bear in mind that buying larger sized hosiery is different from buying larger sized shirts and shorts. Often times, shirts and shorts do not have spandex, and therefore they do not shrink or expand. This is true, especially for men's clothing. With hosiery, there is spandex, which helps the hosiery to shrink. Therefore, when you wear it, the spandex will give you that custom fit.

For women and men who are slightly overweight, average, slim, or skinny, I recommend buying the longest pair of hosiery with spandex, that is not a plus size. Bear in mind that a plus size is not always described as a plus size. Sometimes it is the last size on the chart. A hint might be the fact that that size is made for 200 lbs.

For women and men who are really overweight, I recommend choosing the biggest plus size.

Enjoy your colourful covered legs!

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