Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Doris Hosiery Bought Silks Brand From Phantom In January 2011

I was shocked to discover this. I dialed Silks' phone number, and then somebody from Doris Mills picked up the phone. Read the remainder of the blog entry for a brief explanation of who these companies are.

According to what I recall, Phantom created the Silks brand. I assume that companies sell off brands, because those brands are not as profitable as the companies would like. It is kind of sad when a company does that, because it seems like quite a loss for the community. At least the brand stayed in Canada, and is still manufactured by the same company.

Doris Mills also produces a competing Canadian brand, Secret. Both brands are typically found in department stores and supermarkets. Some of their products are higher quality and cost over $10.


  1. The Phantom Silks has now changed, I used them for years and the texture changed, I now get allergic reactions to them. I am so disappointed. When I try to write them the info on the package is wrong/not updated.

    1. Hi Kate! Thanks for your feedback!

      I phoned Doris Hosiery Mills, the new manufacturer, and asked about the fibre content and the dyes. They said that there is nothing different about the Silks hosiery that they make and the hosiery that Phantom made. I'll try asking a former Phantom employee. He probably won't know, though, because he didn't work for Doris. It would be interesting to see if anything has actually changed.

      Did you wash new pairs from Doris Hosiery before wearing them? Maybe they were just dusty at microscopic levels.

      Also, if you would like to buy some pairs that were manufactured by Phantom, then I could sell you some. I run an e-commerce hosiery store. I have some waistband-free opaque hosiery, in black size 3, which was made by Phantom.

  2. It truly is a shame. I am a Phantom pantyhose expert - having worn the Phantom Brand for well over 35 years.

    Using the example of Royal Albert Country Roses where the teacup quality perished when manufacturing changed hands - the look may be the same however - the weight and quality are no longer the same. I've noted that the current Silks product does not have the same texture. I have also noted that the Hint of Black is a difficult colour to find now. They were available at Costco for years and the Phantom Outlet store have this colour only the "irregular" stock section.

    As a past-time over the last number of years I've become a huge vintage stocking and lingerie collector. Most of my stocking collection is new old 1940s -50s stock and I've been seriously considering cracking open a pack! Nothing actually beats the original nylon/dupont feel. Ah the times of old.

    1. Hi Lorena.

      It's nice to meet somebody who knows the Phantom brand. I know that there are stores that still have Phantom hosiery in stock. Would you be interested having me pick some up for you?

      Also, I could sell you some hint-o-black hosiery made by Doris. They offer about 11 different styles of hosiery: about 8 Silks styles; about 3 Energizer styles.

      Do you want more information?

  3. Hi advocate, do you know if shatobu is still being produced?

    1. Hi Kolgot. It's good to hear from you.

      Yes, they swhould still be produced, unless the information and brand are out of date. I called the manufacturer just this past week, and they identified themselves as ShaToBu.

      Have you had any luck in finding their products?