Sunday, May 22, 2011

Is She Wearing Pantyhose? #25 [need help, please]

Normally, this is a game, but in this blog entry, I am asking you for actual advice.

Viewing #25 seems a bit difficult. I think that a useful trick is to look at the guy with the tie. With a smile like that, he must know that they are wearing something. ;^p

Seriously, though, I would like to suggest this as a stock photo, but I would like to make sure that what I am saying is true. What do you think?

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  1. I believe stewardesses are required to cover their legs, and moreover, they are strongly encouraged to wear compression hosiery due to the nature of their job. I know that for sure because my husband's friend is a stewardess and she was asking yesterday if I could recommend any compression style for her.
    So, my guess is yes, these ladies are wearing pantyhose (and probably the same style and color because their leg color is exactly the same).

  2. Thanks for the insight.

    That's great that she has shown interest in your products. Do you intend to create a subscription service, so that purchases and payments become automatic?

  3. No, I don't have such plans. You need to have a good stock to be able to offer such service.
    I haven't heard back from you after my last e-mail. Were you able to track any sales? I don't know if Google Analytics is 100% reliable.

  4. Ah, yes, the email. I was going to reply this week. In the last few days, I had to focus on writing some stories, and stuff.

    I'll email you privately regarding sales and banners.

    Also, I was going to try to do the group purchases soon, that we discussed. I thought that offering the group purchase from your company and a regular discount at the same would desensitize the readers to your company. If we did them separately, then your company might get more promotion.

    I wasn't ever able to track any clicks going from my blog to your web site. I was able to do something like that on my test blog, but I think that I need somebody else to try it out for this blog. I tried to set Analytics to not track me on my own blog, but sometimes it does. So, I don't understand what is happening. Would you go back to the page, then click the banner, please? I'll let you know, if I get anything.

  5. I agree, they do look like they are wearing pantyhose/tights. The girls on the right, you can see that tall tell sheen on the edges of the legs. The lady on the front right just looks like she is wearing some in the shadows. The two in the back left are tougher to tell because the light doesn't really shine on there legs, but they do have a reflective glare pointed in the same direction, so I would bet they are wearing as well. Well picked photo today.