Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friday Fun Poll: Hosiery While Backpacking For A Long Time?

Would you wear different pairs of hosiery and no socks for the 7 days or more, while travelling, without doing laundry?

Would you wear hosiery on a 7 day trip, with no laundry?
Definitely not! Why would you even consider it?
Definitely! What\'s the big deal?

Thank you for your patience. This blog entry is late, because of Blogger's problems.

Be sure to read the remainder of the blog entry, if you're interested in my 8 day train trip, where I wore hosiery.

I tried wearing hosiery, when I travelled by train for 8 days, during the winter of 2009. It was doable, but it was a bit of a nuisance, because I did not have time to wash and dry them when I was on the move. When I finally had 1 full day, at a hotel, I did not want to spend it doing laundry.

For my outbound journey, I travelled in 3 legs [no pun intended] from Vancouver to Jasper, Jasper to Prince George, and Price George to Prince Rupert. For my inbound trip, I did the same thing, but backwards.

It was all in the middle of winter, so when I got off the train in Prince George, a worker at the station was shocked to see me wear shorts and sheer hosiery. I could not blame her. It was all bearable, though, because at the time, there was warm weather; warm by winter standards.

That made me wonder about what you would do for hosiery, during trips where you do not have time to do laundry. I guess that it would be easier to pack hosiery than socks, but I think that if you are in the same shoes all the time, then your feet will not have much of a chance to dry out. This is especially true if you travel for 2 weeks or more. It makes me wonder how people clean their clothes on long trips. I should look into that. If I figure it out, then I could write about washing hosiery on long trips.

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