Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Have 2 Online Hosiery Stores

I created another e-commerce site. There is nothing there, except a few test products that I would like to sell. If you are curious about why I want a second store, then read the remainder of the blog entry.

There are some styles of hosiery which seem to need professional quality web sites. These styles are good quality and would have a whole range of colour-size combinations. My Blujay store does not work well for these styles, because Blujay treats each colour-size combination as 1 product, and it can be very difficult to find your colour-size choices.

Therefore, I decided to find another free e-commerce web site: freewebstore. All in all, this seems to be the best of the free sites, that I have found, because it offered features for all parts of an e-commerce business, and it did not require banner ads or anything of the sort, other than a few links to that company's own web site.

I do not mind banner ads on the first site, to bring income to that company, but I tend to be a bit more picky about this second site. I intend to put up banner ads, but I prefer to have stronger control of the layout, and I insist on keeping the advertising profits.

For products, I still intend to offer the same products that I had in mind. The best quality products with the widest colour-size range will be featured on this boutique, whereas the less popular products and the products with no range will be featured on my first site.

The biggest drawback of this new site's free service is that it only allows 15 products to be listed. That is another reason why I still want to hold on to the first store. That being said, the new site allows for lots of colour-size combinations for each of the 15 products.

Since the new store allows for a lot of customization, I think that it would make a great good-quality e-commerce boutique, relative to how much money I put in. Since the first store has no serious options to improve design and layout, I think that it would make a great basic-quality e-commerce outlet store.

For the near future, I intend to add a few more products, and then start improving the various web pages on the site. I also need to start creating a logo.


  1. Great start! Why not try contacting manufacturers and wholesalers directly and see if you can order from them? My advice - invest money in hosiery mostly. There are many good tools and e-commerce solutions you can use for free for your business.
    Good luck!!!

  2. I think that buying from them would require bulk purchases, and I don't have that money right now. As it is, the big box stores already have lots of those pairs, so it would be really hard to compete on price.