Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hosiery In Wikimedia

I noticed that we, regulars, are not as interested in the Is She Wearing Pantyhose? journal entries, as we used to be. There was a while, where a hand full of us participated. It is probably not a good idea to post this kind of material forever, because people lose interest.

I came up with a new series that shares Wikimedia Commons media that show hosiery. Read the remainder of my blog entry for the details.

Because the photos are really popular, I put a lot of thought into into how I can use photos to generate new traffic, and somehow provide a legitimate service to the readers. After a series of unrelated events, it dawned on me, that I could show you hosiery photos that you could freely use on your web sites and in your blogs.

Wikimedia Commons does a great job of finding hosiery photos for you, when you search for hosiery, pantyhose, tights and stockings, but there are many photos on the site, that do not turn up with those searches. Those photos show up under different searches, and will do just fine.

Since I am running out of photos for Is She Wearing Pantyhose?, and since we are losing interest, I will use the new series of blog entries to take over. I will still post Is She Wearing Pantyhose? photos, when I find them, or when people submit them, but I will not try as hard to find them. I will not wait until all the remaining Is She Wearing Pantyhose? are gone, though.

To find the other Wikimedia photos, click Wikimedia, which can also be found in the right column, under Popular Topics.


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