Monday, November 14, 2011

I Will Report Discrimination Of My Supervisor

I do need my job, but the company's policy requires that we report these things. I wrestled over the issue a lot, and I have come to realize that if I do not speak out when something is out right wrong, then I will be no better than the person committing it. I remember that when I was young, I resolved to never be the silent type. Over the years, I became afraid to speak out, because of the cost. The good thing is that there is a hot line where we can post things anonymously. I will do that. I will submit the information in the third person, so that it does not sound like I am reporting my own problem. I will mention the facts to support the idea that it is clear discrimination.

I would rather be out of work, than live in silence. It is humiliating to be unemployed, but it is morally wrong to let him have that power over me.

The end. Thank you for reading!


  1. What is it that upsets you? I find that speaking out is good only when you have a strategy and some facts to back you up. I have a way to get some legal advice for you, if you need it. Jessica

  2. Well, I wore shorts when doing a certain task. Other people wore shorts, and jeans. They only got a verbal warning, or no warning at all. I was the only person to get an ultimatum of being sent home or buying a pair of pants. I was also given a verbal warning. I measurably lost wages.

    They applied the rules to me, but nobody else. I asked around to confirm, so I know that I am right.

  3. So, if you have any legal advice, then please do share.

  4. I can check for you in terms of legal. They only work during business hours.

    If someone points out the pantyhose, why not say that you are wearing compression hosiery? If they ask why, tell them it's non of their business.

    I've met a woman who worked in retail and wore compression hosiery under pants for medical reasons. So why can't you?

    But is there some kind of a dress code? If it is in the dress code to wear long pants, it is hard to fight.


  5. Nobody mentioned the hosiery. Although they were probably offended by it, they only had to refer to the dress code which is was clearly stated to me. The no-shorts rule applies equally to men and women.

    The problem is that they sent me home, but never sent the other workers home, even though 1 of the women wore shorts.