Tuesday, November 22, 2011

RejuvaHealth: Fashionable Compression Hosiery

There is a new company in the market. They are not selling low quality hosiery, nor are they selling ugly products. They have male customers, a video blog, and other wonderful surprises. The rest of my post tells you more.

I saw this PRWEb news release, while sifting through my hosiery news.

I was really impressed just by the fact that it was a new small business. I am always impressed by them, because it is hard to establish a business in a new niche market.

RejuvaHealth is a company to cheer for, in my mind. The founder's enthusiasm is good enough to justify our cheers, but the fact that she makes compression hosiery more appealing earns even more from us.

Remember to check out the RejuvaHealth YouTube channel. They have a video blog. You can see the founder's enthusiasm for yourself. I subscribed. They will also have regular style segments. Let them know what you think.

For me personally, I would not wear any of those patterns. I am undecided about how to feel about them. I think that the popularity of fashion hosiery has potential for at least another few years.

While you are at it, let me know what you think. Also let me know what you think.

The lesson here is to not assume that all compression hosiery is bad.

The end. Thank you for reading!