Thursday, November 24, 2011

Used Hosiery: Punching Bag

A nice reader mentioned that we can make punching bags out of this. I am not convinced that we can make anything strong enough to give us a good workout, but I think that we can make a toy to distract us, while we think about things. If we need to clear our minds, then maybe a simple punching bag could work.

This ehow article gives us some instructions.

You can create a homemade punching bag with an old pair of pantyhose by tying a few simple knots. Place a soccer ball into the waist section of the hose and knot the waist of the ball. Use the legs to tie the hose to a beam or tree branch and start punching!

I think that most of us would need to find another way of doing it. Perhaps you have a strong ceiling fixture that you can use to tie an end around. Perhaps you could tie it across a hallway, by tyeing it to a couple of door knobs. If it is too low, then maybe you could tie it on the inside of 2 door knobs on the insides of a couple of different rooms, and then bring the hosiery up and over the doors, with the ball hanging in the hallway. I hope that makes sense. The panty portion would be in the hallway, and the legs would go from there to over the tops of the doors, and down to the door knobs.

What are your suggestions?

The end. Thank you for reading!


  1. Here is a video:


  2. Hi Jessica. The video doesn't tell us how to make it or what to attach it to.

    I guess that if people have space in their homes, where the punching bag won't make the space untidy then everything should work out.

    Everybody, here is the same link.