Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Difference Between Men's And Women's Razors

Reader's Digest has an interesting article, that explains the differences.

I plan to stick to epilating. If I ever do any wet shaving, then I plan on using men's razors. As it is, I have so many men's razors, that I would not want to spend any money on new razors, whether they be men's or women's. Also, according to the article, men's razors seem to be best for me.

How do you remove your leg hair? Did the article change your mind about anything?

Thank you for reading!


  1. I use the same razor that I shave the other parts of my body: Gilette Fusion. I have an epilator, but it seems to take forever to get full coverage, so I've been shaving instead.

  2. I used to get my legs waxed for years... now I'm finding my leg hair is drastically diminished so now I just use my Wahl beard trimmer with no guard to trim down any growth.

    I have tried razors before and had to stop as every single time I'd do it I'd get nasty razor burn.

  3. @Anonymous

    I agree about the epilator taking a long time. Lately, I haven't really put much effort into leg hair removal. I think that epilation can be used any time, but is ideal for when we want to treat ourselves to stubble-free legs.


    Can you feel stubble on your legs after a trim?